Will alienology, cosmology, phenomenology, and ufology become a part of tomorrow’s consciousness? Will we finally begin traveling in space as civilians? Who will become space travelers and who will run the planet? These are the questions we now will learn are important. Who will go and who will be left behind? If you could leave the planet tomorrow would you?

Oh. I should add pyramidology and theology which to some is also part of archaeology and anthropology. We cover ancient cultures origins in our website shares and peer review journals. We also share eracop.com for Educational Research Association Community Online Press. Also, for our authors we have authorsbookclub.org and acoclub.app. So many ways to share our members contributions as articles and book authors. Not to mention our speakers and our webinars which assist us in knowing those we can trust. Knowing people we can trust to share the truth means the difference in information gathering and research or data gathering.