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TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO, TJ Morris Agency, TJ Morris Productions.
Theresa J Morris
Cosmos Expos
We produce the finest quality in products and services intl. import, export, product manufacturing, business management providing agents, consultants, organizers, contractors for events, interior designing, and event planning for small businesses and high end homes.TJ Morris Publishing since 2003, ACIR since 1978. Florida USA 32563. TJ Morris Media – News – Publishing. Contact: TJMorrisAgency@gmail.com. Cosmos Expo is a division of the ACO Ascension Center Organization. Imprint – Timely Manor Books since 2003. Social Media provisions available for clients. Public Relations prestige for friends exclusive of design and maintenance – Artisans Group. – Evo Couture International. By appointment Only. Atlanta-Dallas-USA- Advisory Counsel International Relations- supporting ACS American Cancer Society – MDS Support Group – Gigi Bowers, Master Painter. Theresa J Morris, Artist. Agent. Author. Artisans’ Exclusive by design. Appointment required.



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