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Phil Laing

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    Philip Laing is a respected workshop facilitator focusing on lesser-known esoteric practices that provide powerful tools for personal transformation.

    He has been teaching the Flower of Life workshop since 2005 to individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds after a long-held interest in human potential and purpose eventually led him to the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, founder of the Flower of Life Workshop. Now authorized to facilitate Drunvalo’s Awakening The Illuminated Heart® workshop, his focus is now on the more experiential aspects that this new work allows. 

    Phil is a seasoned guide in exploring introductions to sacred geometry and the human lightbody in relation to personal integration, ascension and spiritual growth. His natural sensitivity and experience make him a catalyst in illuminating and supporting new possibilities for practical applications in realizing the multi-dimensional self. He is also an intriguing presenter of the more controversial elements in the metaphysical area, alternative history and their current challenges for global society.

    Philip collaborates with a growing number of organizations and is currently developing his own programs as an independent facilitator. His authentic program delivery and caring instruction is sincere, articulate and thorough and has resulted in his being contracted throughout the US and internationally.

    In addition, Phil Laing teaches the simple but powerful KUNLUN®  System as developed and taught by Max Christensen, a rare Taoist internal alchemy practice of Self-Awakening. The regular practice of this “formless form” of nei gung, likewise results in the transmutation of one’s body and consciousness from matter into pure energy or the lightbody.

    He has also learned Theta Healing from Vianna Stibal, developer of this technique that uses focused thought and prayer in the theta brainwave state to effect healing change on physical and emotional levels.

    Drawing on his own life experiences, he began exploring the nature of reality, truth and perception as it related to personal happiness and healing in 1987. This led to meetings with modern day saints from India as well as remarkable teachers and individuals from the West. Diverse, personal studies in early Christian history, ancient cultures, metaphysics and suppressed knowledge of law, science and religion helped to prepare him for his current role as a facilitator, providing a heart-based approach to affairs of the spirit.

    Phil Laing has a BA. degree in Finance from California State University, Fullerton. In addition, he has 14 years experience in the fine art business as an art consultant and assistant director of a retail gallery. He currently lives in Northern California.


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