ACO CLUB Membership


TJ Morris Ministries shares the ACO Club with her friends as a membership driven private club for truthseekers.
We provide spiritual education, guidance, and support.

This is a support group for members who desire to be known among peers.

We share fund raising events to provide spiritual educational support, integrative medicine practioners peer group interaction.

We agree to be manifesters and metaphysicians who interact with each other in cyberspace and meet annually.

We plan gatherings, workshops, webinars, books, ebooks, videos.

We meet online monthly and in person annually.

If you would like to be involved please donate and call direct to 270-256-6340 and speak directly to TJ Morris.

Theresa J Morris, Host
TJ Morris ET Radio
Author – Speaker

ACE Metaphysical Institute Ministries

Allied Council Intergalactic Relations