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ACE Metaphysical Institute has developed various projects for our agents, consultants, and organizers.





Thank you for your interest in joining the ACO and ACE International Ombudsman Association. The mission of ACO is to support global humanity in fellowship and training.


Our ACO shares with various support nonprofits in the global advancement ombudsman professions and to ensure that our health and wellness practitioners work to the highest professional standards of our spiritual science community.


ACO is our umbrella for the entire international non-profit organization. As ACO A.I. Inc. We desire to share the importance of communication and sharing in our spiritual science community as universal life members using our own computers, cell phones, and meeting in person when we can. We ask all our members to do their best to show up to at least one annual event. We encourage chapters in our various regions of the USA and in other countries.

We are a support group in a spiritual community. Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Classes are required over several weeks. We can share our classes online in webinars. The discipline to stick with the courses and complete them no matter if they are familiar to the member must be repeated to absorb that which we co-create together. We practice among angels and guides that which has been taught from the beginning.

We share the umbrella with American Communications Online Education Research Association.

Our projects are shared to embrace and enhance our own personal interests, as well as, participate in life.

We are a fellowship community of volunteers who share various niche genre groups in social media.

Each of our members is on their own spiritual path in our ACE Metaphysical Institute as a division of our Ascension Center Education Programs. Symbols and meaning are a part of our metaphysical charm.

 ACE Metaphysicians have shared common knowledge to co-create our universal life consciousness for eons.

We are all on our own spiritual path as a practitioner.

 We support our weekly online meeting and radio shows with a practical approach to addressing our own skills, talents, and knowledge which grows together for our overall future potential.

We share in the meeting of team building skills.

Our metaphysicians all know each other in our inner circles and work in various levels of development depending on which project our volunteers join. We share how to approach various opportunities which come up and include challenges in our own lives among problems in his/her respective environments.

Each Professional Development program focuses on the needs of the Organizational Committees Practitioner at an experience level, and provides demonstrations or role play, theory, and education appropriate for that level.

Video segments are used to enhance the case studies and life situations.

A training manual designed for use with each program serves as a continuing source of reference. Completion Certificates are provided for those who complete each program. Early-registration discounts are offered for each course. ACO members receive a discounted registration rate.

All ACO Directors are also trainers, while volunteers, are experienced Organizational Coaches. The use of a team approach in all their training provides participants with a variety of dispute resolution styles and techniques used in mediations in life and in our own organizations spiritual community.

Theresa J Morris is the founder of ACE Metaphysical Institute and the Ascension Center Organization in the USA.

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